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Table of Contents of THE FOSSMILL STORY


The Story:
 Prologue: Day of Rest 
1.  The Beginning 
2.  A New Home 
3.  The Logging Season 
4.  The Fossmill Railway 
5.  The Lumber Mill 
6.  The Village 
7.  The People 
8.  Fire and Depression 
9.  1934 
10.  On Relief 
11.  New Hope 
 Epilogue: A New Home, Again!
Appendix A: Railway Equipment
Appendix B: Relief Payment System

The Honourable J. Sloat Fassett
A Ride on the Salmon River & Northern Railway
Trout Creek Logging Railway
South River Logging Railway
Early Logging in Chisholm
Canadian National Railway
The Fossmill Outlet
Jobberís Contract
Doyle Scale Rule
Cutting Methods
Hand Signs
Grading Lumber
Sawmill Wage Rates
Ted Priest
Joseph G. Demeza
William Mackey and J. R. Booth 
Sydney J. Staniforth
Locomotive Specifications
The Denis Family

General Map
Fassett, Quebec Limits
Ontario Logging Railways
Chisholm Township
Fossmill Limits
Air Photo of Railway
Railway Elevations

The Depot
Logging Camp
Log Deck
Sawmill Plan
Income and Expenses
Sales and Production 

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List of Interviews
Photo Credits
Places to see and things to do

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