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October 10, 2008

Changes on Powassan’s Main Street


All communities have businesses that come and go for various reasons but some get your attention more than others.  For example, when I heard that M. L. Moore and Sons Furniture and Appliances was closing in Powassan it got my attention.  I, like hundreds of others, have shopped there for years.  Pat Moore who owns the store now generously hangs dozens of paintings of area artists on the walls of his store and I have dropped in to see his “Gallery” regularly., 

Photo of the original store.  Supplied photo

I dropped in to see Pat and he told me the history of the store.  He also pointed out that the hardware store next door wanted to expand and the timing was right for him to retire in mid-November. 

His father Murray opened the store on the same site 61 years ago “with a toaster, iron and kettle” and through good times and bad son Pat and his wife Shirley have provided sales and service to Powassan and area.  His dad started the store after the war.  He had a war buddie that had a connection with Westinghouse that led to some original orders there.(see photo)  Pat’s mother Monica has been there from the start and still comes in regularly over noon hour and other times to help.  Pat who has been the owner for 35 years (with only one sick day) and Pat’s wife have sold, delivered and maintained hundreds of appliances and sold hundreds of pieces of furniture over the years. By the way now is a good time to pick up a bargain. 

Photo of store front today with Pat and his mother Monica.  D. Mackey photo.

Pat remembered the fire that destroyed the original store on Easter Sunday in 1969.  The store had apartments upstairs then and nine people escaped.  The store was rebuilt and prospered to the present day.  Pat says he wants to stay in the business he enjoys for a while yet in a lesser role and hopes some of his customers will follow if he joins the staff of some other similar business.  With his experience and reputation for customer service I am sure he will do well.  They will be missed on the main street of Powassan.The new  Giesler Home Hardware will still provide us with our toasters, irons and kettles. 

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