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August 28, 2009

Heritage News and Views

Nipissing Township Museum Heritage Day a Success

The Nipissing Museum under Curator Joe Steele regularly has some outstanding programming with the help of many volunteers.  On Sunday August 16 from 11-4pm they held their annual Heritage Day at the Museum.  The day was special this year because of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Nipissing Hydro Generating Station on the South River nearby.  The site was not accessible but there was an excellent display and plaque presentation.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is one of  5 entities in Ontario Hydro and looks after the physical plants that produce our power.  There are 5 regions and Nipissing is in the Central Region which has 26 plants and 2 wind turbines.  There are 4 plants in the Community Voices area – one at Crystal Falls on the Sturgeon River and 3 on the South River – Bingham Chute, Elliot Chute, and Nipissing.  Nipissing has quietly kept our lights on for a hundred years.  OPg is considered one of the top 100 businesses in Canada.

Allan Reid the Central OPG Manager was on hand to present a plaque celebrating the anniversary.  Anthony Rota MP, Monique Smith MPP and Vic Fideli North Bay’s Mayor were also on hand and brought greetings.  Nipissing Mayor Wendy Prieur acted as M.C.

A large crowd toured the Museum, ate lunch, looked at the new Township fire truck, the antique cars and the other booths.  The OPG display with its Dam Log Lifter Display , Plaque and photographs got special attention.  Local musicians entertained.  Congratulations to all for an outstanding Heritage Day.Ontario Power Generation has an interesting website for teachers, parents and children – www.opg.com/education.

 Dokis Hydro Electric Dam

Speaking of hydro power and its increasing demand the Dokis First Nation is working on adding a new 100 megawatt 43 million dollar dam on the French River.  Energy Minister George Smitherman was on hand with the potential builder recently.  It is hoped that the project will start in 2011 and finish in 2012.  The dam should also improve the fishery habitat, protect endangered species and archeological zones as well as rebuilding the historic Chaudiere  Portage Route.

New Bridge on Highway 17 Opening Soon

Anew   pedestrian bridge to allow people to cross highway 17 will open soon.  The current circuitous route for students and other residents will no longer be necessary and considerable time will be saved.  Some people have been running the 4 lane highway putting their safety at risk.  The base for the bridge has been under construction for some time and the 30 metre truss walkway has arrived.  Residents of the nearby Barclay House had front row seats as the truss arrived.  Verna Yarlasky the former Quint hairdresser I wrote about in June 2008 is one of the residents hoping for a trip across the new bridge.

Captains of the Clouds Movie August 25th

The Quint Museum Tuesday Night Movie the classic Captains of the Clouds starring James Cagney and shot in North Bay will be shown at the North Bay Library from 6-8pm on August 25th.  There is no charge.

Honourable Gilbert Parent P.C. Display Unveiling

The former Mattawa born long standing MP and Speaker of the House who died in March will have a memorial display unveiled on Sunday September 6th at noon at the Mattawa Museum.  Many local and distant Parent family members , friends and local residents are expected to attend.  A movie of Gilbert speaking to guests in the House of Commons will be shown and is available for purchase in the Museum Shop. 

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