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December 30, 2009

The New Millennium a Decade Later

Ten years ago this month the world  was celebrating the new Millennium with enthusiasm and some trepidation.  There were some questions as to whether  2000 was the last year of the last millennium or the first year of the new. Regardless it was celebrated as the Nugget front page
January 1, 2000 shows giving details on new year’s eve 1999 and New Years Day 2000.

Front page of the North Bay Nugget January 1, 2000

The front page reviewed what was supposed to be a major crisis in the computer world as computers would become confused by the new dates.  But as the Nugget pointed out,  “Y2K problem? What Y2K problem?”  The article pointed out that an “army of emergency workers” were ready for the troubles that didn’t happen.  There was a Y2K Command Centre in North Bay in the basement of the North Bay Police Headquarters.  It was unnecessary.  There were some minor problems around the world but it amounted to nothing serious.  The Federal Government spent 2 years and 3.5 billion dollars preparing for problems that did not happen.

The Earthquake 2000

Most partygoers had gone to bed by 6:23 am when a small earthquake shook the area.  The 5.2 Richter Scale quake which lasted about 10 seconds started just north of Temiscaming Quebec.  There was a small aftershock.  Some people woke up and some homes shook and some suffered minor damage.

Millennium Babies

New Years babies always make the news.  A birth of twins in the U.S. took place, one before and one after midnight.  In North Bay 7 pound 6 ounce Sophie Marie Blanche Laperriere was born at 1:33 am .Blanche was the name of mother Lucie’s grandmother who lived to be 107.  Father Andre was at Lucie’s side at North Bay General and 4 year Pascal was at home  asleep.  The baby is now 10 years old, goes by the name Sophie and is a student at St. Anne’s School and a fine young  lady.  Mother Lucie, a lawyer, is now a part of the Laperriere Rochfort law firm in the city.

The Decade of Ups and Downs

A lot of progress has been made in the last 10 years especially in electronics with many innovations putting print media under duress as the computer and related gadgetry and programming have flourished. War in Afghanistan and Iraq and chaos elsewhere has been endless and millions have died.  Epidemics including the current H1N1 have cost billions and killed many but have not been as bad as they might.  Politics is as crazy as ever.  More recently climate change and the financial crisis make us nervous.  But there is lots to be thankful for in 2010 and hopefully the next decade will be better for human kind.

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