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July 9, 2010

Canada World Youth Then & Now

Jacques Hebert (1923-2007), Canadian author, leader, Senator, founded an international organization in 1971 to provide young people around the world with opportunities to learn about other cultures and people,and develop leadership skills. He called the organization Canadian World Youth (CWY). There have been other similar organizations (Katimavik) ,student exchanges etc.with similar objectives. (Hebert went on a hunger strike in 1986 for 21 days to protest the P.C. governments closing of Katimavik). Canada World Youth has had remarkable success and continues this year with 7 Ontario communities (33 across Canada)participating this including North Bay this year. They were last here in 2006.

North Bay Program (Aug 8 – Oct 31 2010)

Canadian World Youth’s core program – Youth Leaders in Action – brings together 9 Canadian young men and women with 9 18-25 year olds from outside Canada. North Bay will have 9 Honduran young people along with 9 from across Canada for three months. They will then spend 3 months in Honduras in Central America. The group volunteers several days a week to help and learn primarily on health and environmental issues but other placements are considered.

Participants in recent Canada World Youth program.1 CWY Photos

Dini Silveira, a Brazilian woman from Montreal is North Bay’s CWY Project Supervisor. She arrived here recently. She has been trained along with other Supervisors to come early and set up home placements and volunteer positions and oversee the program.


Dini is currently looking for home placements for the 18 local visitors. They are placed in Canadian/Honduran pairs in local homes where they become a part of the family and where all enjoy the learning experience. All they need is a room and reasonable interaction and meals with the homeowners. There is backup to cover family vacations etc. Host families receive $168 per week to cover food etc.

Participants in recent Canada World Youth program 2 CWY Photos

Dini is also looking for volunteer work placements. She is also interested in resource people who have a particular interest or skill to share with the group. I met with Dini by chance and later introduced her to several local contacts. If interested in any of the above call 978-1614 or email her at dsilveira – jcw.org where you can receive a brochure called Canada World Youth is coming to North Bay and have your questions answered.For general information on CWY contact www.canadaworldyouth.org.

Some History

Since 1971, 33,000 young people have completed a CWY program in 67 countries. Over one million volunteer hours are contributed each year. This year there are 39 exchanges and 25 other initiatives in other CWY programs in 17 countries around the world. A recent study verified the long lasting effect of the program on individuals and communities.

CWY is supported by the Canadian Government through CIDA the Canadian International Development Agency. The Canada World Youth Homepage is at www.cwy-jcm.org <http://www.cwy-jcm.org/>). For information on future programs for local young people – information , an application form and a newsletter are available at the website. (You can get academic credits for your work). There is also information on and for alumni who want to keep contact after a CWY experience.There are several former participant in North Bay who have very positive feelings about their adventure.

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