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August 27, 2010

British Home Children Remembered

As mentioned last week the Clark House Museum in Powassan was one of the locations recognizing the United Kingdom Child Migration Scheme that had a major impact on Canadian history. There are upwards of 4 million descendants. New Brunswick recognized the 140^th anniversary of the first migration 140 years ago last year and Nova Scotia set aside October last year as the month of the British Home Children.

Poster of Homechild Celebration showing new stamp.

In my March 12 Heritage Perspective article I mentioned local home children descendants Linda Thompson and Arlene Brandes. Linda oversaw the fine display on Saturday August 14 at the Clark House. Arlene had an exhibition of her paintings.

The Clark House Museum had the first presentation of a remarkable homechild quilt produced by Gail Collins of St. Catharines recognizing the special year. It includes 64 panels with 64 homechild families represented. The idea prompted another quilt in Western Canada.

Linda Thompson with some of her homechild research at the Clark House Museum in Powassan.

Linda also displayed some of her collection of books and other memorabilia. A Homechild Year poster displaying the stamp that will come out in October was on display. The poster provides a website that gives an excellent history of the homechild including the story of one young man who went to war and won the Victoria Cross (www.cic.gc.ca/homechild).

Visitors viewing Homechild Quilt at the Clark House Museum.

The poster, available on the site shows a group of girls enroute to Stratford in 1908. The story also shows one of the boats that brought the 100,000 children, a photo of a typical child and a photo of one young homechild driving a plough working for a farmer.

The stamp is a 57 cent stamp and will be available September 1, 2010. (1,650,000 stamps will be issued). Of interest to genealogists, descendants and historians is an official First Day Cover envelope available for $1.57 at your post office.

Scouts and Guides Remembered

Another important part of our children’s history is our Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Both groups are going through some growing or survival pains. Several Guide camps were closed and one in Bonfield put up a fight to preserve the camping legacy. I will write more about the current struggle and some of the plans to preserve the good things that happened over the years.

Guide Stamp

Speaking of commemorative stamps, the Girl Guides of Canada celebrate 100 years of camping, crafting and friendship this year with their own 57 cent stamp. The stamp came in packages of 10 and show 2 young girls in uniforms with smiles on their faces. There is also a commemorative envelope.

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