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June 17, 2011

A Unique Callander 125th Anniversary Art Show

The Callander Bay Heritage Museum added a beautiful art gallery 3 years ago named after the well known late Alex Dufresne, a barber with an interest in history.  His barber shop is on display in the Museum. The Alex Dufresne Gallery has had a number of excellent themed exhibitions since it opened . Callander’s 125 Anniversary has prompted a refreshing current art exhibition that combines history with art in a unique way. 

A Lure 

The word allure means attract, charm, fascinate so what better name for an exhibition about fishing  lures, boats and related activity on Callander Bay and Lake Nipissing over the years  The exhibition curated by Arie Hoffman features a large powerful painting of a cedar strip boat and 3 paintings of  colourful fishing lures by him. 

Arlie Hoffman (L) and David Lewis preparing A Lure exhibition for Callander’s 125th Anniversary.  D. Mackey

David Lewis, the well known Callander photographer, is a passionate fly fisherman and along with helping Arlie hang the show has included some of his paraphernalia, memorabilia and photographs.  There is a cedar strip sail boat, some outboard motors and paintings of people enjoying the water, sculpture and video art. 

The show opened on Saturday June 11th and runs to July 30th. June hours are Tuesday to Sunday 1 – 5 pm.  In July the hours are 10am to 5pm. 

A Lure Exhibition Presentations 

A fascinating series of presentations with an historical theme and a link to the exhibition is scheduled as follows (7-9pm at the Gallery).

Wednesday June 22       Gerry Giesler, Giesler Boats

Paul Waque Lakefielde Canoe.

Wednesday June 29       Wilderness Wanderings

                                                Photographer Paul Chivers

Wednesday July 6           Ice Fishing on Lake Nipissing

                                                Carl D’Amour

Wednesday July 13         The Sportspal Canoe

                                                Carl Clewson 

The Activity at the Museum/Gallery and celebration of Callander’s 125th is a credit to the Board and Curator Carol Pretty. 

By the way, the cupola to hold the school bell that I wrote about March 25, 2011 is complete and located on the front lawn of the Museum. 

Renfrew County’s 150th 

There was lots of Alligator Warping Tug  activity on Callander Bay in the past and the famous West & Peachey Alligator was well represented. Renfrew County began celebrating their 150th anniversary with EXPO 150 on June 4. (www.EXPO150.com). They have hauled the W.D. Stalker Alligator steam tug from Simcoe for the event.  It was brought courtesy of the Canadian Forestry Association and the Renfrew Industrial Commission. Dave Lemkay formerly at the Forestry Association and now at the Industrial Commission provided leadership on the initiative.  Dave oversaw the publication of the book Alligators of the North (2010) which featured West & Peachey (see my March 19, 2010 article). I also wrote about alligators on March 2 and March 16, 2001 (Google Heritage Perspectives & go to dates to read articles mentioned above.) 

West & Peachey Alligator Warping Tug on its way to Renfrew for Renfrew County’s 150th Anniversary.  Supplied photo.

The W.D. Stalker was launched at Braeside near Arnprior and will lead a large flotilla this week from Norway Bay ,Quebec to Red pine Bay, Ontario. Steam boats and every other craft imaginable including canoeists will follow the 4 mph Stalker. Quite a party. 

Home Children  

I wrote about the saga of the 100,000 British Home Children who came to Canada before 1950 in a heartless British experiment.Many are still alive as are many descendants.Canada named 2010 as the Year of the Homechild.The Chief Justice of Ontario,as the result of a private members bill, has designated September 28, 2011 as Home Child Day in Ontario to honour the contribution they have made and are making today. 

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