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May 27, 2011

Union of Ontario Indians New Book

We are all Treaty People is a new book by Maurice Switzer communications director at  the Union of Ontario Indians west of North Bay. Charley Hebert provided the Illustrations. It is a clear and readable overview of the life of native people to the present day  It shows their contribution and their negative treatment over the years in land claims, residential schools etc. The strong position of native people ,agreed upon by the Supreme Court and supported by the Canadian Constitution, makes many of their treaty claims legitimate. 

Cover of Union of Ontario Indians Book.

The book makes the optimistic assertion that with time, education, jobs and justice native people will be better off. The book should be ideal for schools. The book will be launched at Gulliver’s Books & Toys, North Bay, Saturday May 28 from 1-3pm. 

For other excellent information on native activities check the Saturday Nugget where a full page is devoted to their activities. It is produced by the Union of Ontario Indians and is called Niijii Circle. 

Come on Over: Northeastern Ontario A to Z 

The book above will be launched on Saturday June 4th 1-3pm at Gulliver’s Books. The book by two retired Laurentian University history professors Dieter Buse & Graeme Mount was discussed on CBC’s Morning North weekly for 10 weeks in the fall and they got a lot of feedback from listeners. 

The 202 page book is in an encyclopedia format with 42 separate articles on more than 100 communities and profiles various of historical and cultural topics. The book is published by Sudbury’s Scrivener Press. More information is available on line at Scrivenerpress.com. 

Suzanne Brooks Honoured 

Gulliver’s Books’ Suzanne Brooks has been a leader in the sale of local books and a supporter of independent bookstores for years. She has been a driving force behind Books By the Bay for years. I have had several launches under her leadership. The books above are examples. I was very pleased to hear that she will receive an honorary doctorate at Nipissing University this spring for her important contribution. Google Gulliver’s Books & toys for details of future launches. 

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards 

Thousands of Ontario citizens give many hours of their time to a wide variety of community activities without remuneration. The provincial government provides awards. The nominations have to be in in January and the awards are given in the spring. North Bay’s event will take place at the Legion on May 27th. The winner, a guest, and two association members are invited. Pins and certificates are presented. Congratulations to the many recipients for 2011. 

Museum Openings 

Victoria Weekend is the time many museums open for the season. Time to get out and support them and see all of the great work done by curatorial staff and volunteers as mentioned above. 

Arts Health North Art Residency 

The new North Bay Regional Health Centre has taken leadership in a new trend of enriching hospital sites with fine art. North Bay in cooperation with the Ontario Arts Council has not only established a permanent art collection but has added an artist residency program. 

Resident Artist Beth Jackson with her finished weaving.  D. Mackey

Two artists have already received paid positions to work in a hospital studio and provide various art related services in the Centre Well known North Bay artists Arlie Hoffman and Beth Jackson have had placements and a third artist from Victoria B.C. has been chosen for the third placement. The Resident provides one on one contact with residents, visitors and staff in the widely recognized therapeutic value of art. 

Visitors studying Health Centre paintings. D. Mackey

For information on donating art or applying for an art residency contact Pat Stephens Director of Public Relations . 705-495-8127. Pat.stephens@nbrhc.ca 

On May 17 the Health Centre had its first Art Show. It featured a tour of the Permanent Art Collection, a look at the Arts Residency Studio and art work from the first 2 residents. There is also an Art Under the Microscope travelling exhibit organized by the Society for Arts in Healthcare. 

There were speakers, refreshments, tours,and  a movie of the work of the 2 residents.  There is art everywhere – some out of public view in offices but much to see. Have a look when you get a chance. 

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