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December 13, 2013

Books Worth a Look 2013

With Christmas approaching I want to draw your attention to some books with a heritage perspective that I have enjoyed recently from a long list of  remarkable current  publications. 

The Histories of Sturgeon Falls and 125th Anniversary of Michaud & Levesque. 

This new book was launched November 30 in Sturgeon Falls and was reviewed on CBC radio and the North Bay Nugget.  Prolific author Wayne LeBelle, from Field, has written and published a unique book at several levels.  The integration of an update on his previous Sturgeon Falls book West Nipissing West 1895-1995 with the 125th Anniversary the Michaud & Levesque store
works well. 

The Histories of Sturgeon Falls and 125th Anniversary of Michaud & Levesque by Wayne LeBelle

The 6x9 coil backed 200 page book beside the dual purpose mentioned  above is also bilingual and of interest at various levels from the casual reader to people with an historical interest.  I know Sturgeon Falls fairly well but the book made me want to go there and get to know the community better.  The dozens of photographs, the large print and the glossy paper are a real draw. 

Wayne LeBelle is unique in that he is not only a prolific author but is extremely active in a leadership role in many aspects of heritage activity.  This book was written and published by Wayne and talks about the historical coincidences,the ups and downs, and successes of the community. 

There will be book signings in Sturgeon Falls at the Giant Tiger on December 12 & 13 from 11-4 and it will be for sale at the Cache Bay and Sturgeon Falls Libraries and the Caisse Populaire in Sturgeon Falls and Field and the book will be available at the Michaud & Levesque store.  Allison the Bookman and Gullivers Books have the book in North Bay.  The book also available directly from Wayne at  705-758-9669. 

Flying Past: An Illustrated History of the North Bay Region

Jack de la Vergne a retired successful civil engineer and author with a 30 year interest in vintage postcards and informative old stamped envelopes has written a remarkable 577 page limited edition book of his collection on North Bay & 21 area localities. 

Flying Past: An Illustrated History of the North Bay Region  by Jack de la Vergne

The hard cover book with hundreds of items on glossy paper has been donated to several libraries and other key locations. I know there is a copy in the North Bay Library and the Powassan Library and I was pleased to receive a copy.  It is well worth searching out for history buffs interested in North Bay and area locations. 

He has put much time, effort and expense into the book and is adamant that it not be copied without permission.  The book is a masterpiece and will be a cherished reference for future generations. 

Space limitations prevent the listing of some other favorites but I will add one other. 

Emancipation Day by Wayne Grady

Wayne Grady, a Kingston writer of numerous non fiction books and translations, has written his first novel that is a fascinating read.  He did a book signing at Gullivers Books recently where I got my copy.  Wayne discovered his personal hidden black heritage and after years of struggle created a fictionalized version of the story. 

 Emancipation Day by Wayne Grady

Wayne is married to Merilyn Simonds who lived in Chisholm Township for years and was a writer and editor for Harrowsmith Magazine before writing other works.  My favorite is her autobiographical book The Lion in the Room Next Door.  She recently collaborated with her husband on a fascinating travel book, Breakfast in the Exit Cafe: Travels in America.  Google their names for details on these prolific and wide ranging authors, editors, teachers, and arts community leaders. 

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