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October 14, 2005

East Ferris Library Celebrates 25 Years

The 4,400 residents of the Township of East Ferris have a spacious, well lit, 2400sq.ft. library facility with thousands of books, computers and programs etc. in Astorville.  In 1980 Glaudette Quinn established the original library a small apartment provided by Hector and Germain Perron.

The main book stacks of the East Ferris Library in Astorville.

The library moved to 2 other locations in the Astorville area over the years, and a second one was opened in Corbeil which later moved to Ferris Glen School and later to Sacre Coeur School which closed in 1996.  After a tremendous amount of work by volunteers and council an Ontario Heritage Grant was acquired in 1998 for $100,000.  An additional $210,000 was found by Council without raising taxes and a new combined library for East Ferris was approved. 

Construction started in the spring of 1999 and in November the new 2400sq.ft. library was opened.  Much of the move and installation was done by the good citizens of East Ferris.  Mike Harris officially opened the library in February 2000.  Claude Guillemette the late Reeve who strongly supported the library development had the Resource Room named after him in March 2001. 

During the dedication of the Guillemette room the Library’s hard working librarian Claudette Quinn retired after 21 years of service.  At a subsequent retirement party a few weeks later her hard work and perseverance was recognized by all present.  She was replaced with current Librarian/CEO Leslie Larocque who recently showed me the beautiful site that all concerned should be proud of.  The library recently received its official Provincial certification. 

Leslie Laroque, Librarian (R) and Library Assistant Jennifer Baker on the steps of the Library

The library is located behind the Arena and Post Office and above the Fitness Centre in Astorville.  It is open Monday 4-8, Tuesday and Wednesday 1-8, Thursday 4-8 and Saturday 1-4. 

There will be a 25th Anniversary Celebration at the library on Monday October 17 from 6-8pm.  Germaine Perron and her husband will be recognized for their work over the years.  Germaine and her husband also produced the 260 page history book on East Ferris during the hundredth anniversary of Saint Thomas-D’Aquin Church in Astorville in 2002.  (See article 105 on my website.)  The Library also has a history of the library as recorded by Claudette Quinn telling of the struggle and success leading to the fine facility today. 

Congratulations to all concerned on a job well done and a library second to none for a community its size.

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