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September 23, 2005

History Updates and Footnotes

The following are some items that may be of interest relative to previously written articles in Heritage Perspectives.  All of the articles are on line at the address below.  The number after the article reference is the on line index number you can click on to bring up the full article with photos on my website (www.pastforward.ca) 

History of Parry Sound – Adrian Hayes 

John Macfie, Parry Sound’s outstanding resident local historian and columnist has written 11 books on Parry Sound (71, 41, 213).  There is always room for a new look, in a new book, by a new face.  Adrian Hayes who wrote the book on the native soldier and leader Francis Pegahmagabow, has written an excellent new book on Parry Sound published by Natural History/Natural Heritage. 

Three Day Road, Joseph Boyden 

Joseph Boyden’s remarkable book Three Day Road about 2 native snipers from Northern Ontario in WWI is well up on the best seller list.  After writing about the book (218) I attended a book signing at Gulliver’s Books in North Bay and had a chance to meet him.  Joseph, who is from Toronto and cottages at Ahmic Harbour, has lived and taught in New Orleans for 11 years.  Maclean’s magazine in its September 12 issue has a lengthy article by him on the devastation of Katrina which contains more of his excellent writing. 

Joseph Boyden, author of Three Day Road signing books at Gulliver’s Books in North Bay.  Gullivar’s Photo.

The Powassan History Book 

The Powassan 100th Anniversary History Book will be available in October and a notice will be published in the newspaper.  There are extra copies available for those who did not place advance orders.  A great Christmas gift. 

The original Powassan municipal building built in 1906 will celebrate its 100th next summer.  The building now houses the Golden Sunshine Club and the Powassan Players Theatre Group so the building still makes a fine contribution to the community. 

South River Water Management Plan 

In an article on the South River Watershed (169) I talked about a pending plan “to establish and control water levels and flow on the river relative to flooding, power generation and aquatic life.”  A public open house will be held to invite participation in a review of a draft of the plan at the Machar-South River Community Centre in South River on Saturday, September 24, 2-5pm.  Comments will be received until October 14, 2005. 

Stories of the Deer Hunt 

I have written about the deer hunt a couple of times (196, 207) and recently received an email about the history of another hunt club, the Beaver Meadow Hunt Club located north of the one I wrote about at Sand Lake north of the village of Nipissing last year.  I will do a story with photos in the near future of this fine old club that has been in existence since 1919. 


Einstein “The most famous scientist of the 20th century” has been widely recognized for his discoveries 100 years ago during this 2005 “World Year of Physics” (212).  The prestigious Perimeter Institute of Physics in Waterloo is having an Einsteinfest from September 30 to October 23 with displays, exhibitions, performances, and lectures (www.einsteinfest.ca). 

John Tootoosis/Grey Owl 

In my recent article on the meeting of native activist John Tootoosis I mentioned his actor son Gordon Tootoosis.  Gordon is the star of a new movie “Hank Williams First Nation “ set in a sleepy native community in Alberta. Variety Magazine states that “Tootoosis is outstanding.” 

The Cameron Finns 

My article on the Cameron Township Finns (202) led to the development of a display at the Mattawa Museum next to a new display on Agriculture in Cameron.  The museum is gearing down for the season but be sure to look for the new display in the future. 

Archie, Angele, and Anahareo 

I have written several articles on Archie Belaney (Grey Owl) his Bear Island wife Angele Egwuna and Mattawa’s Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) (11, 19, 197).  The W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery has a major exhibition planned on the life and times of Angele and Archie in June 2006.  Coincidentally next June Mattawa will celebrate the 100th birthday of Anahareo who was born in Mattawa June 18, 1906.  Look for these events exploring the life of these fascinating Canadians. 

The Hartley Trussler Exhibition 

The material from the Hartley Trussler Photo Exhibition in the Downstairs Gallery at the Powassan library has been given to the Clark House Museum for future reference (212).  As a follow up to the exhibition I met with Don Cowden from the longstanding Cowden family in Trout Creek who provided more excellent information.  His daughter Maureen took Trout Creek resident Larry Ciglen and his wife Les Anne and me on a tour of the old Trussler Mill property at the waterfall on Trout Creek on the old Carr property.  We subsequently visited with Rose Carr long time Trout Creek resident to talk Trout Creek history.  There may be a publication on the community in the offing. 


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